Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Tools: Not Just a Man’s World

Tools: A Man’s World
Men have always been physically stronger than women and therefore it has been a part of humanity that the men are usually the ones to take on the tougher responsibilities within a household. They are historically the ones to build a home, maintain the home, and everything else that could come with being a homeowner. Because it is the men’s responsibility to fix things or build things, the tool industry has always been geared toward them and their needs. The tools can be big and powerful, too heavy, and the colors and styles are not particularly popular to the likes of women.

Tools: A Woman’s World
A woman’s role in the household traditionally is taking care of the children, the gardening, the sewing, the cooking, and the cleaning. With all these responsibilities while enjoying things that are appealing to the eye, it is inevitable that women are always looking for ways to decorate their home while also making it functional. To make the projects a reality, women have to use the tools that are made for bigger built bodies and are just too heavy and powerful for them. Majority of women also have to wait for the men in their lives to complete their projects because they are not familiar with the tools enough to properly and safely use them. There may even be some women who have not been taught or introduced to tools. And that is okay! Everyone has the ability to learn a new skill.

Building Confidence
As individuals, people naturally gain confidence in themselves as they achieve a new goal and or task. Self-confidence (and self-reliance) is priceless.

With a mission to build confidence and empower women of all ages and all walks of life, we at Tomboy Tools are here to assist them through education, quality tools and an independent business opportunity.

We want…
·       To inspire you to tackle that project you’ve always dreamed of.
·       You to learn how to maintain your home and happiness using the best tools out there – made with women in mind.
·       You to gain confidence in yourself, knowing that you can complete a project –even live- on your own without the help from a male figure.
·       To empower you to not be afraid.

With education comes knowledge. With knowledge comes the opportunity to share your wisdom with others. Learning about tools, how to use them properly and safely, and even being aware of the science behind them are some of the basic fundamentals to accomplishing your project goals - as well as to being self-reliant. It is never too early or too late to acquire a new skill.

Education is not only attained by words on a paper or screen, but by videos, hands on experience, and word of mouth. You can find these ways of learning on our main website, on this blog website, at our tool parties, and within a community (online and offline) of women who like to learn from other women.

Quality Tools
Our tools are ergonomic. They fit a woman’s hand very nicely, making it comfortable for them as they tackle projects all around the home.

We currently provide hand tools, power tools, and accessories that will aid in the completion of projects in the following areas:

·       Gardening
·       Painting
·       Crafting
·       Dry Wall
·       Plumbing
·       Tiling
·       Auto
·       Safety

Most of our tools can be found in kits, providing a better value for your dollar. Click Here to shop or browse our products.

Our tools are also pink. We are Pink for a Purpose, a Tomboy Tools Fund where we give back to organizations that are dear to our hearts:
·       Avon Foundation for Women
o   breast cancer
o   domestic violence
·       Denver Dumb Friends League
o   Humane Society Animal Shelter

Since 2006, we have donated almost $300,000 to these and other charitable organizations.

Independent Business Opportunity
Sharing your knowledge is always a good thing. How would you like to make money doing so? Would you like to learn and make money at the same time? Are you ready to be a leader? Great! Join us! Help us inspire other women and girls through our mission and tools. Getting paid is just a bonus.

With endless possibilities and opportunities, the Independent Business Opportunity is a great way to…
·       Pay off credit cards and other debt
·       Take your family on vacations
·       Save for education and retirement
·       Receive tax incentives
·       Create wonderful friendships and a community of women

Together we can change the tool industry. Let’s make it a woman’s world too – and have fun in the process!

Ready to Inspire?
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